Sept 2013 Missionary Report

Dear Friends,

We are off – back to Africa!  We are very thankful for your prayers and support.  Thank you so much for being our partner.  May God bless you a hundred times in return.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Africa tripPic1
We so happy to be headed back to West Africa.  We will be ministering in Bible Schools, Pastor’s Conferences, Churches and Crusades.  Dates on the back.

Thank you to each that is praying for us.  Thank you for your monthly financial support.  We pray God’s greatest blessings on you.  We are so thankful for each one of our supporters and we pray for you.  We need new supporters that would join us in prayer and perhaps $25 or more each month.

African Mission Travel Pic2
We fly to Africa via New York City, on September 5th.  Ronald and Elice, a couple from the church in Saint Julienne, Quebec, Canada, are traveling with us the whole time.  Sonny, who was with Fred last fall, will meet up with us in Benin and will be with us most of the time.  Also, Dr. David & Carliss Prosser, of South Carolina, will meet us in Benin to teach at two Bible schools.  We really appreciate your prayers for all of us while we are traveling in West Africa.

We took our daughter, Marie-Louise, to Houghton College on Friday, August 30th.  We really appreciate your prayers for her this fall season.

We arrive first in Dakar, Senegal on the 6th, and then we will fly on to Bamako, Mali.  We will have 2 Sundays there with a week of Bible School in the middle.  The radical Muslims have tried to take this country, but have been driven out.  Please pray for Mali.

Burkina Faso
We will travel through Burkina from West to East.  We will meet with our friends to pin down when we will teach classes there in 2014.

We will spend a month in Benin.  We will enter the country from the North and hold 2 crusades there in Tanguieta and Natitingou.  (We need an extra $1,000 to pay for these.)
Then we will travel south to Parakou in the middle of the country.  We have a week of Bible School and a wedding scheduled there.
Later we travel south to the main city of Cotonou for 2 weeks of Bible School and visit some churches.  Debby will fly back to the States from Benin because she has some conferences back in the USA.

We will have a Pastor’s seminar in the capital of Lome.  Sonny will travel around the country to speak at the prisons.

We have one last weekend in Accra.  Besides church, we have many friends there to meet up with there.  Finally, we will fly home – tired & blessed!

Debby will take a group to the Philippines and the island of Palawan the end of November and first half of December.

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