December 2013 Missionary Report

Dear Friends,Picture1a

We are so thankful for all that God has done this last year! We are very thankful for your prayers and support. Thank you so much for being our partner. May God bless you abundantly as 2013 comes to an end and throughout 2014.


Africa & Philippines
We were both in Africa this fall and then Debby was in the Philippines as well. We were blessed to minister in Bible Schools, Pastor’s Conferences, Churches and Crusades. Thank you so much for being a part, sending us and praying for us.

We want to thank each one of you for praying for us and supporting us each month. We need you and we pray God’s greatest blessings on you throughout this coming year.

A Miracle!

We have been asking you to agree in prayer with us for our growing debt. We had nearly $21,000 on our credit card, mainly for plane tickets from the last few years. This was a big burden for us. Praise the Lord, we were recently given a check to pay off the whole amount! Amazing! We are so thankful for this miraculous answer to prayer!

Please don’t stop praying for our finances, though. Our needed monthly support has fallen off over the last few years and that is what brought about the debt. We need new monthly supporters. We need to get our monthly support back up by $1000 / month.

Antoine & Sarah WalkingPicture2A
We want to share 2 more answers to prayer. Our dear friend, Pastor Antoine, from Ivory Coast, was in a terrible bus accident. He has had 5 surgeries on his legs in the last 4 years. He is now able to walk again. Praise the Lord!
Little Sarah from Benin had bowed legs. She has had surgery and is now walking on straightened legs.

Being able to feed and care for the more than 100 children has always been a struggle. This year has been better. In fact they have been able to buy some land to build their own facilities so that they will not need to continue to pay rent for the 2 houses each month.
Please pray for the money to fence the land, drill a well, build dorms, cafeteria, schoolrooms, etc. This will take many miracles, but our God is able and will do it in answer to our prayers!

When Fred was in Togo, they recorded the seminar where he was teaching leaders and played it on the national TV.
A French satellite TV channel has talked to Fred about supplying teaching videos in French. Please pray.

2014 Plans – Please Pray
We have Bible Schools and leaders in Africa that we have built long-term relationships with and they count on us. We want to be with them in this important, fruitful field.
When we go back to Africa, we want to pay for the plane tickets up front and not have to use credit.

Inner-Africa plane tickets can be expensive and we try to avoid them, but sometimes they are necessary. The US embassy asks citizens not to travel to Abidjan by road and we feel to go there, so we need to fly. We have been asked to come to Nigeria for years. We want to go to Lagos to visit one of our students and we need to fly to visit another city there, Port Harcourt. Please pray for God’s direction.
We also plan to go back to the Philippines and Quebec in 2014. Please pray with us about our travels in 2014.

We flew to Africa the beginning of September. Ronald and Elise, a couple from, Quebec, Canada, traveled with us the whole time. Sonny, from Florida, met up with us in Benin and was with us most of the time. David & Carliss Prosser, from South Carolina, met us in Benin to teach at two Bible schools.  We really appreciated your prayers for us. Every trip has its ups and downs. Afterwards we look back and see what God has done. We are happy and blessed and consider it a great privilege that God would use us in His great harvest field

We came first to Dakar, Senegal, and then we flew on to Bamako, Mali. Sunday, the team spoke in different churches. Fred taught a week of Bible School while Debby spoke each night. We took the bus to Koutiala and had church in their new building the next Sunday.
Then we took a van ride to Sikasso and had 3 days of meeting there.  The radical Muslims tried to take this country, but have been pushed back. Pray for Mali and the revival there.

Burkina Faso
We traveled through Burkina from West to East over 3 days. We met with our friends in Ouagadougou to discuss when we will be there to teach classes in 2014.

We spent over a month in Benin and we where in 3 cities. We entered the country by road from the North. We stayed in Natitingou and had many meetings and a crusade.
Then we traveled south to Parakou in the middle of the country. We taught for a week at a new Bible School and had a dedication for it at the end of the week. We also helped perform a wedding for one of the pastors.
Then we traveled south to the main city of Cotonou for 3 weeks of Bible Schools and visiting the orphanage and churches.

We had a Pastor’s seminar in the capital of Lome. One evening was recorded and shown on the national TV. We also had church meetings & visited the Video Bible School.

Our last weekend was in Accra. Besides church, we had many friends to meet up with and encourage. Finally, we flew home – tired & blessed!
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I just returned from my trip to Palawan, Philippines. On this trip, I was accompanied by four friends – three from Quebec and one from Scotland. As always, this trip was filled with long road trips and many church meetings. Twice I interpreted for pastor Judith, from Quebec, from French to English. Then Pastor Jun interpreted it into Tagalog. It was my first time to do that.

Before we arrived in the Philippines, we were fighting battles. Not only did we have to change our plans because of the Super Typhoon that hit the Philippines, but also one of my pastor Judith had a problem with her passport. We had to leave her alone in Japan for two days until she got a new passport. This was a giant struggle for all of us. Praise The Lord, it all worked out and she was able to catch up with us in Palawan.

We traveled from one end of the island to the other, visiting churches and encouraging pastors. It was a very fruitful trip. There are many churches that never have a visitor. Many pastors never have anyone come to encourage them. These are the places I visit when we come to Palawan. One church we visited requires you to cross 15 rivers. When I told this to the team, they didn’t understand that we would be crossing through the rivers not over them on bridges.

The Super Typhoon hit our friends on the small nearby island of Busuanga, especially hard. Their home and church were destroyed. The church was mostly gone and the house was tipped to the side and no longer safe to live in. Almost everyone the island lost their home. I was told that every church on that island lost their building. The death toll is unknown.

The trees have all been damaged or uprooted and the mountains are all brown. There are no leaves for shade. All crops are gone and there is no hope of recovery for at least three months, if they get rice to plant right now. We were able to send them some money to help.

Thank you for sending me.

We had a terrorist in Class
In one of the countries this fall, we discovered we had a student in Bible School who was trained as a terrorist. He was in a sleeper cell and when he was called up to go fight, he missed his ride. Because of that they turned against him. He is now a Christian and training to be a pastor. It is awesome to be a part of God’s great plan! We are seeing Him change the future of people and nations!

Thank you for Praying and supporting us!


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