Dear Friends,

Our time in West Africa was very fruitful and we want to share some of the praise reports and prayer needs with you.  Also we want to give you a big, “Thank You.”

Burkina Faso

Bill Hoffman and Fred traveled 2 days North from Accra, Ghana, to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.  Fred taught the book of Acts for 4 hours every morning and the book of Joshua for 2 or 4 hours every evening at the Bible school.


Bill and Fred traveled by road across Burkina Faso to the top of Benin and to the town of Natitingou.  There we met with the regional leaders of the pastors association.  They are very excited for us to come back this fall for a Leader’s Seminar.  They said there would be 100 village pastors that would need to be invited in this large region.

Cotonou Leader’s Seminar

Debby and Hannah joined Fred for the seminar.  In the mornings Fred spoke to leaders about prophecy in the Bible.  Debby spoke in the evening about covenant.  They received so much and asked us to do the seminar again so that more leaders could come hear it.  In the evening Fred went to a Video Bible School and did some “live” teaching and another night he went with Bill Hoffman to speak to the church leaders in the village before Bill spoke to everyone.

Power Outages

West Africa has been having a serious problem over the last year because of low water for the hydroelectric dam.  It’s hard to have church with no lights or fans.  During the Togo seminar Debby preached an evening service without lights.  The last week of Bible School in Cotonou, we only had lights one evening out of 5 for class.  It’s hard to sleep in the tropical heat, without at least a fan.  The guesthouse had no power for 28 hours once.  Probably these power outages let some food spoil that Fred ate and became very sick.

Togo Seminar

Debby and Fred then traveled to Lome, the capitol of Togo, for a seminar.  Fred spoke to the leaders in the mornings and Debby spoke to everyone at night.  Fred went to another part of the city and spoke to pastors about the Video Bible School they are about to start.

Ghana Seminar

This seminar was in the small town of Essiama for village pastors.  On the way we had a bush taxi break down, car accident and a ride on a bus with no shocks, but the seminar was great, in spite of the devil’s opposition.

Benin Again

Fred was then back to the Bible School in Cotonou to teach New Testament.  Then he did some “live” teaching at a Video Bible School.  Thank you for your prayers.

Bohicon Leader’s Seminar

- The leaders loved the seminar.  They said that it was, “the right word at the right time,” “just what they needed,” “corrected many things,” and it was “very timely.”  They were very sorry Fred was sick and couldn’t finish the final session but had to go back to Cotonou to the hospital and eventually back to the US.

Video Bible Schools - Need To Multiply Workers

Fred felt like the Lord really spoke to him on the flight to Africa and again his first morning back in the USA.  The need to reach the villages in the world where there is no gospel witness, is enormous.  There are multimillions!  We call this the, “final frontier.”  Jesus told us in Luke 10:2 that the harvest is plentiful, but laborers are few.  Video Bible Schools are a way to help train village workers.  That is why we started are own Video Bible School a few years ago.  We feel we need to rededicate ourselves to this work.

In the unreached villages of the world, most people don’t speak English or even a major language, like French.  Also many are illiterate.  While in Africa, Fred was identifying the major tribal languages we need for the Video Bible School and how to record those language tracks.

New Countries To Visit

For years we have been saying we would answer the invitations and go to some other countries.  Places in Africa like Guinea and Congo (French speaking), Cape Verde Islands and Angola (Portuguese speaking).  We also have invitations to France, U.K. and Germany in Europe.  Please pray with us about which countries to visit and when.

Christopher - Graduation

Christopher has been in Bible School and University for the 10 years we’ve been missionaries.  Now he has finished and receives his M.B. and J.D on May 5th.  Thank you for praying for him.  Please continue to pray for him as he takes the VA and NC bar exams and begins his career.

Prayer Requests

Pastor Michel in Senegal’s wife, Verna, has gone to be with the Lord.  Michel now has 4 children to care for along with his ministry.

“Papa” George in Benin has still been in and out of the hospital with uncontrollable High Blood Pressure.  Please keep praying for him.

Lome has more than 500 girls as young as 10 and 12 on the street.  Our friend, Pulcherie, who has an orphanage in Benin, wants to rescue 20-25 of them immediately.

Serving Christ Together with You, Fred Davis