Dear Friends,

We truly appreciate your prayers and support. We wanted to write and share with you, our partners, some of the wonderful things that God has been doing.

The Ups and the Downs in Benin

Debby went back to Benin the end of June with a team of 4, Becky Flitcroft, Becky Ingole, Emily Ingole and Marilee White. Their purpose was 3 fold, to visit churches, check on the orphanage, and to bring back the twins that are being adopted by Debby’s cousin Becky Flitcroft and her husband, Doug. We appreciate all of your prayers for that trip.

The trip was difficult from the beginning. Becky Flitcroft lost some of her luggage on the flights over and Debby became sick with bronchitis on the first day. Then they were unable to get the necessary adoption and travel papers, because the courts went on strike in Benin. Each time when it seemed like they’d get the papers so the twins could fly, it wouldn’t happen. After a month of trying, they had to come back to the States without the twins. The strike is still in progress. They were assured that as soon as the strike is over the girls will get their papers. We are hopeful that Fred and his team will be able to bring them to the States in October. At this time the unofficial word is that the strike may end any day or it may go on into October. Please pray with us that it will end soon and the girls will get all their papers.

They were able to speak at several churches, do a women’s seminar and traveled up to Parakou, and back, where they held 3 nights of meetings with Pastor Augustin.

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Video Bible School Report.

Pastor Aldous from Accra, Ghana, wrote, “Happy to hear of your coming and also for the graduation which I and my other colleagues are eagerly awaiting. I'm learning and enjoying the {Video} Bible school very very well. As a matter of fact, this Bible School is the best thing to have ever happened to me in ministry and I will like to specially thank you, Pastor Geoff {Bretches – Church at the Crossroads in New Hampshire} and everybody that contributed to making this worthy investment in us.” That’s a special “Thank You” to you, our supporters! Fred’s brother, Robert, has helped us for many years and duplicating the DVD Video Bible Schools is one way he has helped. He recently purchased this high-speed machine to help make them. We’re glad to have him on the team.

Fred’s Schedule in Africa.

Fred is headed back to West Africa with a team on September 7th. He will be accompanied by his brother, Bob Davis, Nephew, Charlie Harrison, and Bill Chapel, who has been with Fred a number of times in the last few years. We would really appreciate it if you would hold them all up in prayer. When they return to the States, they plan to bring the twins home from Benin to Doug & Becky & family.

Debby’s Fall Schedule.

September 12-14 – Salamanca, NY – Women’s Conference
(Please note this is a change from when it has been before.)
October 2-5 – East Liverpool, Ohio – Women’s Conference
October 24-26 – Ontario, Canada – GCMF Women’s Conf.
December ?? - New Hampshire – Women’s Conference

Philippines: October 28th to November 17th.

The team of 12 to 15 people are from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland and Virginia. They will be ministering on the island of Palawan once again. They will hold 3 different Seminars with Medical Clinics and Children's Bible Schools in 3 locations; Porto Princessa, Quezon and El Nido. They will also visit and teach at Bible schools. We really appreciate your prayers for this trip as all the plans are being finalized and for all the conferences this fall that Debby will be ministering at.

Prayer request for the Orphanage.

Please pray for the orphanage just outside the city of Cotonou, Benin, that we are associated with. The dollar is worth 20% less and the price of rice is up 50% and corn has tripled! Almost every week, I get an email that they are out of money and need help desperately. A couple in Parakou, Benin, is donating land for us to build an orphanage. Once we have the title we will need to start building.

We now have an account set up for the orphanage ministry;
VCA - Orphanage Fund
PO Box 46
Olean, NY 14760
(Make checks out to; Valley Christian Assembly)

Please visit


We pray that God will truly bless you and your family and that you will have no want.

Serving Christ Together with You,
Fred & Debby Davis