Dear Family and Friends,

Another year has come and gone. Our first thoughts are, “where did it go?” Sometimes it seems like years disappear right before our eyes. When we began to ponder all of the events of the last year, multiple trips to Africa and the Philippines dominated our time. We were also privileged to visit many churches in the States as well. This year the Lord put a renewed vision on Fred’s heart. As a result we have also spent many hours, with the help of several friends at Valley Christian assembly, putting together our own video Bible school studio.

In January our niece Hannah officially joined our mission team and has been traveling with us. She also spends many hours at the computer, editing videos. She has made many new friends both in Africa and the Philippines.

Chris and Tina are doing well and celebrated their first anniversary this year. Christopher graduated from Law school in May. What a great relief that was. But as you know graduation was not the end. He had many weeks of Bar prep and then the Bar exam it’s self. This was a real stressful time but you all prayed for him and God was with him. Then came the waiting for the results. In October it was official that he had passed. Yeah! We all felt like we could breath again. Chris and Tina were in Europe, I in the United States and Fred in Africa when we got the news. We truly are an international family.

Marie-Louise? Well as you all know she has really grown up, tall and beautiful! She is now a teenager. This fall we enrolled her in a Christian school. It has been a challenge to make arrangements for her to go to school and also make all of our trips but somehow God has worked it all out. She finally loves school and this fall was an enthusiastic soccer player. She is excited about traveling to Africa this winter.

Fred and I celebrated our 29th anniversary, once again each on different continents. He was home in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family. Then Debby was off for a second trip this fall to the Philippines. She has just gotten home for Christmas. It has been a very good year and we are looking forward to being together for the holidays in our “Holiday House.”

Thank you for supporting, loving and praying for us.

Fred Debby and Marie-Louise