Debbys Philippines Report

The Philippines is a beautiful group of islands nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea. Twice this year I have been able to travel to and minister in this beautiful place. We made this trip between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Traveling with me was Bill and Cathy Hoffman, Tim Wright, Emily Ingole, and our niece, Hannah Davis. Emily decided to go at the last minute and she was the completion of a great team.


We traveled for several days by plane, car, taxi, boat and truck until we finally arrived at the small island of Busuanga. There we experienced awesome times. We had a seminar in the small centrally located town of Cheey. Several pastors and other church families gathered for 3 days. From the beginning the meetings were special. God had prepared their hearts and as soon as I had the first altar call the front of the church was packed with people seeking God. Every meeting seemed to intensify with people being encouraged, delivered, and changed.

On the last day several gave testimonies of how God had delivered them. Some had wandered away from the Lord and there were others who had never before lived for Jesus. It seemed like everyone was testifying and had a fresh excitement about the Lord. Since I have returned I received an email from Pastor Jun. He said that the Pastor's wife, sister Sonja, had written him. She said that they have had meetings every night since we left and the Lord was still touching people’s hearts.


After Busuanga we returned to the larger Island of Palawan. There we visited many churches and had more seminars. All of these meetings were exciting with God touching many lives.

One of the most remarkable was the day we spent at the Bible school. I taught on the book of Esther. We started at 8am and ended a few minutes before midnight. We did take 2 breaks for lunch and dinner but some of the students stayed in the chapel seeking God all day. It was a powerful day with much teaching, worship, prayer, and tears. The students had been anticipating our arrival. How exciting it was to hear them as they cried and prayed, “I'll serve you Jesus no matter the cost.”

Everywhere we went pastors and their families were so thankful that we had come. Few people will travel out to their villages and towns. It wasn't the easiest trip I have ever made. We had many delays, lost luggage, a stolen backpack, sometimes no plumbing or electricity and we slept on bamboo floors and ate some questionable foods that had not been refrigerated for days. However it was certainly one of the most rewarding. Thank you so much for your prayers and finances. I could not have gone with out you standing with me.