Dear Friends,

We are so thankful for you. Thank you for your care and partnership in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that God will bless you abundantly.

Need To Multiply Workers

The Lord spoke to Fred early this year and impressed on him the critical need to Multiply Workers.

• Millions Have Never Heard! It is estimated that in the 10/40 window there are about 1.6 billion people that have never heard the Gospel of Jesus - not even once!

• Lack of Workers! Jesus taught us in Luke 10:2 that the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few – and this is even more true on the mission field.

• Lack of Training! It is reported that less than 10% of the estimated 2 million church leaders in the developing nations have had any formal ministry training! The workers need training before they can go.

• Language Barrier! In the unreached villages of Africa, where we work, most people don’t speak English or French and are illiterate. They need to hear the good news, but can only understand it in their own language. The best way to reach them is by their own people from their own language and culture. We need to train willing workers in their own language.

• Final Frontier! Getting the gospel to those who have never heard it, is what we call the “final frontier.”

Video Bible Schools are a way to help train village workers. That is why we started are own Video Bible School a few years ago. We feel that we need to work harder on this area of our ministry.

Video Equipment

While in Africa, Fred was identifying the major tribal languages in the countries he ministered in. He also worked on the process of how to record those languages. We have purchased some cameras and equipment to do the video work. Some committed workers from Debby’s dad’s church are helping us.

Maybe you have heard of the 10/90 rule – for 10% of the price you can get 90% of the results. But we are trying to achieve 95% for 5%, or perhaps even 1% for 99%. We have purchased used cameras on e-bay, for example. Please continue to pray with us for this great work of preparing Video Bible classes to train willing workers to reach the unreached people of the world.

Cape Verde Islands

Fred has been invited to the Cape Verdi Islands to conduct Leader’s Seminars since 2003. We finally scheduled it for this July, but when Pastor Michel’s wife died, the plans were canceled.

For years we have been saying we would answer the many invitations to other countries in Africa, like Guinea and both of the Congos (French speaking), Cape Verde Islands and Angola (Portuguese speaking). We also have invitations to France, the U.K. and Germany in Europe. Please pray with us about which countries to visit and when. We want to move in the timing of the Lord.

Debby Returns to the Philipines

Debby will be going to the island of Palawan in the Philippines twice this fall. Each time she will take a different team. She leaves on September 4th for her first trip. Three leadership seminars are planned, the largest being in El Nido, in the North of the island. Every day there will be preaching in village churches and several days of teaching at a Bible school. Her second trip will be right after Thanksgiving. This trip also includes seminars and Bible school but will include villages in the South of the island and will have some open-air evangelistic meetings. As you can see both trips will be packed full of ministry and travel. Please pray for Debby and her teams.

Fred Returns to Africa

Fred will be flying, along with Bill Hoffman, back to West Africa the 9th of October. The first conference will be in Lome, Togo. Then he will be in Cotonou, Benin to teach Bible School and then fly to Bamako, Mali for Bible School. Then fly back to Cotonou for some church work and then back to Lome. Finally ending up back in Accra, Ghana, for 2 weeks of Bible School. Pastor Geoff Bretches from New Hampshire plans to meet up with Fred for that school. Please pray for the Students and their ministries. Pray for good health and safe travels for us.

Christopher - Graduation

Christopher has finished Regent University and received his M.B. and J.D. He has just taken the Virginia law bar exam. Thank you for praying for him. He has already gotten a good job. We know God has truly blessed him and Tina in answer to all the prayers. Thank you for praying.

Other Prayer Requests

• Pastor Marc in Mali. His 7 year old son Jean has gone to be with the Lord.

• Pastor Jim Murphy has gone to be with the Lord. We were translating books and videos into French for him. Pray for his family and work.

• Ivory Coast - Seems like peace is finally coming along with elections.

• Continue to pray for Pastor Michel from Senegal, who lost his wife and now has 4 children to raise alone.

• Continue to pray for “Papa” George in Benin. He is still having trouble with uncontrollable high blood pressure.

• Lome has more than 500 young girls on the street. Our friend, Pulcherie, who has an orphanage in Benin, wants to rescue 20-25 of them immediately.

• Please continue to pray for the necessary finances. We live from miracle to miracle. Fred will take money to the Bible Schools for the students to come in from the towns and villages. Debby will pay for seminars. We still have some unpaid bills from the first half of the year we need to pay off.

Serving Christ Together with You, Fred & Debby Davis