Dear Family and Friends,

Its holiday season again and another year is almost gone. This is a wonderful time of joy, family, celebration and of course lots of food. Most of all its a time when we are so thankful for all of our blessings, provision, health, family and friends.

We wanted to let you know a little about our family and how we are doing. Above is a photo of the “clan.” On the left is Hannah, our niece, her dad, and Fred’s brother, Robert. They are with us now and have been making trips oversees with us as well.

On the right is our son Christopher and on his lap is his wife of 2 years, Christina. Chris is a practicing attorney and Tina is on staff at their church. Tina traveled with us this year to Ghana, Togo and Benin, in West Africa. Chris and Tina also led a successful mission’s trip to Turkey this summer.

In the front and middle is Marie-Louise. She is now 14 years old and is attending a Christian school. Her friends simply call her, “Mary.” As you can see she has become a lovely young woman. Marie-Louise was also with us in West Africa, early in the year. Her school is very flexible and allows her to travel with us.

In the middle of the group is us, Debby and Fred. This year in October we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary and Fred turned 50. This is of course perplexing because that would make it appear that Debby was married at age 5. But Fred’s not going to tell the truth about her age. Ha Ha!

We have all been to Africa and back a couple of times this year. In fact, in February and March our family (except for Christopher) with a number of other friends were all together in Africa. Debby made a journey to the Philippines also. When we are not overseas we travel through out the USA and when we are not traveling at all Fred is working on video editing for the video Bible school. Our lives are very busy, exciting and very rewarding.

Much Love and Prayers this Holiday Season,
Fred & Debby Davis