Dear Friends,

Here it is Christmas time once again. We wanted to write and share with you, our partners, some of the wonderful things that God has been doing. Fred and His team are back from Africa. Thank you so much for your Prayers and support. A short report of all the activities follows.

Debby is also back with her team. Once again they went to the island of Palawan in the Philippines. Thank you again for praying for her and her team during their travels. We have just celebrated Thanksgiving again. Debby and I truly want to Thank You with all of our hearts for making 2008 a success. We are your hands extended out to the, “uttermost parts of the earth.”

In this time of recession and hardship for many, we want to say Thank You for your faithfulness to this ministry. May God Truly Bless You Abundantly in return for all you have sown into His kingdom this year!

Fred is Back from Africa
The trip was a fruitful one. Many of you remember that Debby and I were helping her cousin, Becky, adopt twin girls from Benin. There were problems to get all their papers so that they could come to the USA to be with their new family. In answer to the faithful prayers of so many, we got their papers and we brought them home to their new family!!! Bringing those 2 girls to America and giving them to their new dad, brother and sister that they had only seen in pictures, was the highlight of the trip. Debby and Becky had to leave them in Benin in July because they could not get the necessary papers, despite all their effort. Their new Mama had been waiting for them since we started the papers in March.

Fred in Five Countries in Africa in the Fall
We started our trip in Bamako, Mali. It is always a pleasure and honor to teach these eager students the Bible and the class size has doubled. This summer, the church has had a tremendous growth and we were a part of 2 baptismal services for all the new converts!

Then we traveled by road to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, for a meeting about the large women’s conference Debby will be speaking at in March of 2009.

Then we went on by road to Tamale, Ghana. Aldous is a young man who has translated for us for about 5 years. He just graduated from the Bible School. He is moving to Tamale in January to plant a church from which to reach out and plant churches into the unreached villages.

Twelve more hours by road and we arrived in Accra. Fred taught the last class of Bible School and we had graduation.

The next place we traveled to was Lome, Togo. Fred taught at the Video Bible School there.

The last country was Benin. Fred taught at the Bible School in Cotonou and worked on the papers for the twins. Then we went up to Parakou for a weekend of special church services at Augustin’s church.

Debby in Philippines
Debby had another wonderful trip to Palawan, one of the islands in the Philippines. Many on the team had traveled with her before, Emily Ingole, Hannah Davis, Tim Wright, and Michelle Harter. Christine Dunk and Becca Carella, from Fredericksburg VA, Christine Wolcott from NY, and Edmon Hill from Atlanta GA, were traveling to the mission field with Debby for the first time.

This was another “speed trip” where they packed in a lot of ministry into each day. They ministered at 34 churches & pastor’s seminars, one children's outreach and 8 medical clinics. Emily and Michelle are nurses and along with their small teams, they ministered to over 800 people.

Debby and team traveled from one end of the island to the other visiting churches, a Bible school and a deaf school. They were blessed to see the Holy spirit move powerfully. Several people were healed as our medical team prayed for the sick. One man came right out of his wheel chair!

Many people responded to the altar invitations in every meeting. Tim Wright, Edmon Hill and Debby sang over hundreds and hundreds of people as they cried out to the Lord. Some of these services lasted for several hours.

They slept in unfamiliar places and ate many unusual foods and traveled in a very bumpy "jeepnee," however not one person complained. It was remarkable to see such a diverse team get along so well. Pastor Jun and his wife Minda traveled with us and took very good care of us.

We truly appreciate your prayers as we travel to these remote places.

We have now set up an account just for the orphanage. They have truly needed a lot of help. Please see the box for that address.

We pray that God will truly bless you and your family at this holiday time and throughout the whole year of 2009!

Serving Christ Together with You,
Fred and Debby Davis