Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support while we were ministering in Africa. We deeply appreciate it. We wanted to write and share with you some of the wonderful things that God has been doing.

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We want to stay connected with you so that you know where we are and what we are doing - so that you can be praying for us. For the last few years we have had a mass email program. Last year we changed to a different server. Of the 400 plus email address, only a few say they have received our email prayer updatess. It seems we are being blocked as spam. We are now using a new system so that you can follow our travels - itís a blog. Go to our blog - and see what we are doing and stay up to date. There is more in the Blog to read then we can fit in this simple newsletter. Check it out.

Burkina Faso Bible School
We returned to Africa in January, arriving by plane into Accra, Ghana. Then we had a day and a half travel North to Burkina Faso and the capitol Ouagadougou. We taught at the Bible School there for a week. Fred taught I & II Corinthians and Debby taught Covenant. The Bible School in Ouagadougou is the most advanced school that we teach at. Thank you for praying for us.

Parakou, Benin
Then We traveled for a day to Parakou, Benin, to be at the church of Augustin. Fred had a seminar during the day for Christian Workers and Debby spoke at Augustinís church each evening. We had a number of wonderful testimonies from the meetings. Please read more on our blog -

Team In Benin and Ghana
We are always glad to have people come be with us in Africa. We had a big team come in February, Bill & Cathy Hoffman, Tim Wright, Emily Ingole, Michelle Harter, our daughter-in-law, Tina Davis and our niece, Hannah Davis. They did Womenís Seminars with Debby in the small towns of Se and Tori the first week. Both seminars had large crowds and were a great success. The second week the nurses saw the children at the orphanage and the others assisted, and they all visited churches and Bible Schools. Fred taught at 2 different Bible Schools.

Getting the team around and across the borders in a minibus was interesting. The trip from Cotonou, Benin, to Accra, Ghana, crosses 2 borders and is time consuming, but normally not much of a problem. This year we did have some problems, though. Read more about it at our blog

Togo and Vogonville
Pastor Geoff Bretches came from New Hampshire for the seminar in Vogonville in Togo. This was the first ever Leaderís Seminar done in this town. They loved it and begged us to come again so that they could invite even more Pastors. We also had a seminar and teaching in the capital city, Lome. Thanks for Praying.

Land in Parakou, Benin
We picked up Bill Chapel from Salamanca, NY, and returned to Cotonou, Benin. Debby taught at the Bible School on the book of Judges and I taught at another on I Corinthians. Then we went back up to Parakou for seminars again. Before we left we got a tour of the land that is being donated for us to build an Orphanage and later a residential Bible School and Conference Center. It is fertile land just under the 10į of the 10/40 Window. We really appreciate your prayers for this.

Orphanage and Adoption
While at the Orphanage in Benin, Debby received an email from her cousin, wishing to adopt twins. The wonderful news is there are twin girls at the orphanage, who have just turned 4 years old. They came to the Orphanage when they were just a few month old. We hoped to bring them to the States with us. Debby had hoped to go with a team get the girls in June, but now it looks likes it will be later. Please pray for the adoption of these twins to be completed.

Accra, Ghana
We ministered in Accra on two different occasions. Fred taught I Corinthians and Debby had revival services in the evening. When we returned a month later, Fred taught the second half of I Corinthians and worked setting up the Video Bible School there. We had taken the disks a few years ago, but it just never got going. It is going now and Fred will return for the graduation the end of September.

Please continue to pray for us. Pray for the necessary finances. We still have some unpaid bills from 2007 as well as from this last trip to Africa.

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Serving Christ Together with You,
Fred and Debby Davis