November 3rd, 2004
Prayer Update

Thank you for taking time to pray.

Thank you for taking time to pray for Ivory Coast and me.  It seems to be still holding on to it's fragile peace.  But there continues to be, "wars and rumors of war."  We continue to pray for a good resolution to the problems that will bring a lasting peace to the country.

It is a privilege to teach the eager students there.  The last Sunday in Abidjan, I preached in 2 of our former students churches that are near to each other.  The pastor of the first, Tousou was one of our first students and graduates.  He now has a wife, daughter and 3 churches.  When he came in 1998 he was a single, assistant pastor but now he has 3 churches!  What a blessings to have been used by God to be a part of his training.  We have many similar stories of what God is doing in our students.  Thank you for being a part and sending us to them.

At Esther's girls home, she now has a beautiful, affectionate 10-year-old girl named Olga.  Her mom and dad are dead.  If you want to adapt a child, she should have all the necessary papers.  You can contact us for more information.  Please also continue to pray for Esther and the home she has that takes young women off the streets and shares the love of God with them.

I have just finished a leader's seminar in Ghana with pastor Charles.  Many of the pastors came to me afterward and said that it was a real encouragement to them and that the teaching really helped them.  We give God all the glory and thank you too.

I picked up Rev. Lou Goszleth in Accra, Ghana and we traveled together to Cotonou, Benin.  This week the 3rd - 5th we are doing a leader's seminar in Ouidah, Benin.  It is the old port where they took thousands of slaves from this region.  It is a place that is famous for voodoo with a big international voodoo festival held here each year.  It has a python temple that you can go and visit, but I don't recommend you do it.  Here the pastors have formed an association to help and encourage one another.  This will be my second seminar with them.  We have more than 60 present with only about 1/3 that were with us last May.  Please pray against the evil in this area and pray for the pastors to be strengthened as they hold out the message of life and blessings in Jesus. 

One young Assembly of God pastor has come with a story from his village.  The witchdoctor led a large group of people and they destroyed Christian's homes in the village and then the church.  Then they saw the pastor and elder and went to kill them.  First they shot a poison tip arrow at him and it fell to the ground in front of him.  Then they tried to stone him, but the stones fell in front of him too.  Then they came with a knife and tried to slit the pastor's throat.  The pastor expected to die, but they were not able to cut him and left him.  This is what these pastors face in the village as they preach the good news of Jesus.

Next week Pastor Lou will teach in the bible School in Cotonou Monday through Friday, 8th - 12th.   I will drive daily, Wednesday through Friday, to Alladah to do a leader's seminar there.  We will be speaking in churches as well - both in the city and in the village.  Please also pray for this ministry and these pastors.

I am having more work done on our 91 Toyota minivan.  Fixing a leaky water pump, welding back some rusted things underneath, and new tailgate lifters.  The motor is still not running exactly right so they will take out the gas tank and clean it because the problem may be that there is sludge in it.  Please pray for the car, repairs and travels.

I know many are praying about the outcome of the US elections - and that is important.  Once again let me say, "Thank you very much for taking time to pray for us and the needs here."

Serving Together With You,
Fred T. Davis