January 2017 Newsletter

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It’s 2017! We are off and filled with anticipation of what God will do! We thank God for His many blessings throughout 2016. We thank our Lord for you, our supporters. It was in August of 1997, nearly 20 years ago, that Fred resigned as pastor and we became full time missionaries. First we went to Russia and then in January 1998 to Africa. Wow, how time flies!

Debby is traveling more than ever, both oversees and in the US. This year she will go to the Philippines twice as well as
Africa. In March she will go to French speaking, Quebec, Canada. If you would like to have her come this year, please
contact her immediately.

Fred is now pastoring Debby’s dad’s church as Pastor Charley has retired. But Fred cannot neglect his commitments to the
Bible Schools in Africa, so he will still be traveling to Africa. He returns to Africa on March 3rd to the Bible School in Mali. The class should have about 100 students. There are so many to be trained – the need is great!

Katie-Lynn Flitcroft and I spent the month of November on the island of Palawan. We had a typical trip filled with good friends, exotic food and lots of preaching, ministry
and travel. We arrived in the main city of Puerto Princesa and were soon traveling across the island to the West Coast
for Sunday service. Then we traveled back east and north to Roxas and ElNido, stopping at smaller villages and tribal
outreaches. The second half of the trip we traveled south. All in all, we visited about 32 villages and I preached more than 28 times.

Thank you for praying for us. We have a very effective ministry. I prayed for hundreds of people and saw the Lord
touch them. After there were many testimonies of how God had blessed them. You had a part of that and I am thankful for your gifts and donations that made this trip

This trip had very few complications, however I did have a few personal difficulties. I swallowed a bug while I was preaching and it stung me in my throat while it was going
down. That hurt for a while but God protected me and the pain was soon gone. I had a very poisonous snake come at me in another church service. Katie-Lynn said, “Jump
Aunt Debby.” I jumped and just missed the snake. Once again the Lord protected me. I had one of my toe nails ripped off while praying for people. It bleed for a while,
dripping as I prayed. After it stopped bleeding I super glued it back on and God kept me from any infection. While crazy things often happen in mission trips this seemed like a lot and I was reminded of how the Lord protects me as I go. Thank you again for praying for me.

Plans For the First Half of 2017Pic3
Debby – March 22-April 3 – Quebec, Canada
June – Philippines (Also October)
August – Ivory Coast, Africa
Fred – March 3-18 – Mali – Bible School

We truly need you standing with us in prayer! We are so grateful for your prayers. Thank you.
Pray for our health and safety.
Pray for our finances, so we can pay off our debt and be free to travel and teach wherever we are called.
Pray that every time we speak, we help strengthen the believers & leaders in their walk with the Lord.
Pray for Marie-Louise. She is finishing her last year of college from home.
Thank You So Much for your Love, Prayers and Financial Support! May God Bless you abundantly!

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