January 2010 Missions Update

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2010 – an exciting New Year and new decade!  What is God about to do?  Let us pray and walk forward in faith and see what He will do. 

Three Graduations, a Wedding and More!

We are beginning our 13th year in Africa.  First Debby is flying to Brazzaville, Congo.  Then she will fly over to Benin where Marie-Louise and I will meet her. 

In Benin we have 2 Graduations, 2 weeks of Bible School, 1 Leader’s Conference, a church conference, some village churches, visit the orphanage, and much more. 

Later in Ghana we have a Graduation, a wedding, Bible Schools, village churches and much more.

Central AfricaJan2010Pic2

Debby is off to Brazzaville, Congo, on February 5th.  Our friend, Judy Mundy, will meet up with her in New York and then the two will fly on to Paris and Africa.  We are flying Augustin from Benin over to Congo to translate for them.  They will arrive early Sunday and be right off to minister.  They have ladies meetings in the mornings starting Monday, and revival meetings for everyone each night.  The next weekend they all fly to Pointe-Noire and then they will do the same meetings there.  They will fly back to Brazzaville the next week.  Afterward Judy Mundy will fly back to Florida.  Debby and Augustin will fly to Cotonou, Benin on the 18th, where we will all meet up.


Fred and Marie-Louise fly to Accra, Ghana on February 17th with Bill Hoffman.  We arrive on the morning of the 18th and will go straight to the border, cross Togo and go to Cotonou, the main city of Benin.

We will visit churches and the orphanage in the Cotonou area through March 2.  Fred teaches Hermeneutics at “Source of Life” Bible School, February 22-26.  February 26-28 will be Graduation of the Video Bible School of Pastor Mathias.

March 2nd we go 7 hours North to Parakou.  From there we will make an overnight trip to the village of Banikoara and the Baribe people.  We have wanted to visit this remote village and church for some time.  After Sunday service in Parakou, on the 7th we will go to Natintingou.  Debby will do evening “Revival” meetings for everyone and mornings will be Leader’s Seminar.  Back in Parakou, March 12-14, we will be teaching at the Church Seminar of Pastor Augustin.

Later on Sunday the 14th, we will go back to Cotonou.  Debby will teach the book of Judges, March 15-19th.  On the 20th we have graduation for that Bible School, called “Source of Life.”


We will be in Lome, Togo, for church, Sunday, March 21.  Then a few days of live teaching at the Video Bible School.


We will get to Accra on Wednesday the 24th and on Thursday we head North to Tamale.  Tonga (a village near to Bolgatanga) will have Graduation of their Video Bible School, so we will travel the 2 hours North of Tamale for that while others visit some villages.  Fred will teach at the Bible School in Tamale.

April 4th – Easter services and 5th we head South to Accra.

April 6-16 – Back to Accra and Bible Schools, Open Air Crusade and much more.

April 10th – Aldous’s wedding in Accra.

The Only Way Out Is In

Have you read Debby’s new book, “The Only Way Out Is In?”  People are really being blessed by this truly encouraging book.  Ask for a copy with any donation you send to the ministry.


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