September 2014 Missionary Report

Dear Friends,
Thank you, for all of the love and support you have shown to us. God has been so good. Many of you know that we had a serious need of finances last year. Miraculously we were given a large donation and paid that debt off. Please pray with us for monthly supporters so that we will not end up in that situation again.

We are in a season right now that is like no other time. We have many opportunities to teach, preach and support pastors, churches and God’s people in developing nations.
In the midst of great suffering, many people are coming to The Lord. We can’t stop doing what we do, but we can’t do it without you.

This month we traveled to Quebec Canada again. We were not able to go to Europe as originally planned. Quebec is the least evangelized place in all of the Americas. Please
pray with us as we stand with these wonderful people.


On October 6th, Fred will be going with Debby’s dad, Pastor Charley Elwell back to Africa. They will be flying to New York, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Benin and Mali and then back to Morocco and New York. Please pray for them as they travel, teach and preach.

Ivory Coast
God has opened the doors in Ivory Coast for us again.  Charley made his first trip to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, back in 1992. He sent us to be missionaries there in January 1998.  We are so excited to see what God is going to do.
We will be speaking at a large celebration with the Tabernacle churches called, “The Feast of Tabernacles.”  The next week we will be speaking at a seminar and Fred will be ordaining three of our former students.

We will be teaching at Bible Schools and preaching at churches. Fred will also be encouraging the Pastors and churches that were lead by Pastor Augustin, our dear friend who has gone suddenly to be with the Lord.

We will be teaching at Bible Schools and speaking at churches. This 90% Muslim country is turning to Jesus.  Churches are being planted, but they need pastors.

We have many young ministers that love us and call us mom & dad and none more than our friend from Benin, Augustin. He has interpreted for us since we stayed in Benin in 2003, when he adopted us. We have traveled throughout Benin and West Africa with him. When he became a pastor & church planter, we spoke at his churches. He died and went to be with Jesus this summer at only 38 years old. He was a wonderful young man, mightily used by God. He did more for God in his short life than many do in a lifetime. We will surely miss him.  Please pray for his wife, daughter and churches.

In November Debby and a small team will be traveling to Manila to hold revival meetings in Baguio, Luzon, Philippines. She will be visiting several churches for about 10 days and then travel back to Manila. In Manila she will take the Baguio team to the airport and pick up another team. The new team will include a group of nurses and will then spend 3 weeks traveling through the island of Palawan. They will have church and Pastor’s meetings at the same time that the nurses will minister to the people of those villages. The will return December 17 in time for Christmas.


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