May 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friend,Pic1

Once again we are headed back to Africa. Please be praying for us while we are there. We are filled with anticipation of what God is going to do!

As we say, “all plans are subject to change.” Fred’s time in Africa in February-April had to be cut short because of a family crisis at home. You may remember, last fall both Fred & Debby’s plans had many changes as well. So we ask you to pray that we would be in the center of God’s
will every day and in every way.

Also we want to say, “Thank you for all of your love,
prayers, and financial support.” We need you standing
with us! Pray for safety, health, finances, timing and that
every time we speak, people will be drawn closer to the
Lord and the leaders will be strengthened.

1. Bible SchoolsPic2
Our first mission trip was to Guatemala in 1992 to teach in a Bible School. The second trip was in 1995 to the Russian Far East for the same. We resigned pastoring after more than 15 years and became full time missionaries in the fall of 1997, we returned to the school in Russia, but had to leave it after only 2 weeks. January 1998, Debby’s dad, Charley Elwell, sent us to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and in March we opened a Bible School
for pastors there with Pastor Paul Ayoh. It was a 2 year school
that ran for 6 years with 3 graduations. Since 2002 we are
itinerate missionaries traveling in West Africa and teaching at
Bible Schools in Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo,
Ghana and Ivory Coast. We also teach in the Philippines.

2. Video Bible Schools
We distribute a Video Bible School for ISOM in French. We
have placed more than 60 in Africa, Quebec, and Haiti. These
schools continue whether we are there or not.
We are also recording our own Video Bible Classes. Our first
one, “Acts” is in distribution. We need help to get the rest of the
videos edited and into distribution and also into some of the
larger tribal languages. Please pray for needed help & funds.

3. LiteraturePic3
This is a logical outgrowth of the Bible Schools and the need for teaching materials in French and tribal languages.
We are currently in a multi-year distribution across West Africa with WorldMap and their book for pastor’s called, “The Shepherd’s Staff.”

4. Conferences / Seminars
We have been involved in Leader’s Seminars since 1998.  Pastors need encouragement and ongoing instruction and we are glad to see them “refired.” We also speak at many other
seminars and Debby speaks at Lady’s Seminars both abroad and in the USA.

5. Churches – speak & encourage
We participate in Sunday morning services, mid-week and many other kinds of services both abroad and in the USA.

6. Evangelism / Crusades
We are blessed to speak at crusades as well as arrange them for friends to speak. It is such a blessing to be a part of people all over the world coming to Christ.

7. Orphanage(s)
Many of our friends know about the Orphanage in Benin outside
of Cotonou. It has over 125 children to feed every day. Some of
them are now in college. We are constantly being asked to help
other orphanages and start new ones to care for the children.

8. Introducing People to World Missions
We have the privilege of helping many take their first Mission
Trip abroad. We also speak about Missions in the USA.

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